i’ve been slacking on this blog so i think i’ll catch up.. a little bit.

i started school on august 27th and so far it has been great. i’m taking intro to film, some english class that i shouldn’t have to take, us history, ballet, and contemporary dance.

i will start off by saying i absolutely love my film class. it’s pretty much what you would expect from a beginning film class. we basically sit in a huge lecture hall, watch a movie, and then on mondays have a one hour lecture where we take a quiz on the movie we watched. that’s pretty much the whole class, but i still like it. so far the movies we have watched have been great, and my teacher is so hilarious. he’s this old guy who spends most of the lecture period rambling on about the most random things. it’s kind of a waste of time but he’s so funny that i don’t really care. and he’s the head of the department so i feel like i’ll be getting to know him a little bit more throughout my (hopefully just) two years here.

my english class is full of first semester freshman. it’s like an introduction to college writing class and it’s complete bullshit that i have to take it because i passed out of taking this class at my old school. i got a 3 on the ap english test my junior year of high school so i didn’t have to take this class in california, but apparently here you need to get a 4 on the test. it’s going to be an easy class, it’s just filled with a lot of pointless essay writing and group work. i feel like there should’ve been a way to test out of it. like i could’ve gone and written a fabulous essay and they would’ve been like oh yeah, she doesn’t need to take this class. but whatever.

my history class is another one that i shouldn’t have had to take. i pretty much took the same class at cal poly but, yet again, the course didn’t transfer. it should be pretty easy as long as i take decent notes so i’m not complaining.

ballet is good i really like it, except for the fact that it’s a beginning class. i feel like i’m beginning-intermediate. it’s basically like starting all over again. the teacher said it was designed for dance majors and minors, so i don’t know why she’s going at such a slow pace. i’m sick of learning the same thing over and over again. but i guess i’d rather be bored than pushing myself to learn things and not have a clue what i’m doing…

and i really like my contemporary teacher, but he’s all into yoga and stuff. that’s fine, but i feel like i’m taking a yoga class. i’m not a yoga person. it’s too much breathing and finding your inner self and envisioning shit.. idk i just don’t get it and i don’t really like it. he’s also really loose with his choreography. he doesn’t choreograph arms. he’s like “oh just make it up! add in some arms!” okay i have no idea what to do and i’m so awkward. i need someone to tell me what to do with my arms. he’s a nice guy but his class is not for me. but at least it’s a little exercise i suppose.

i’ve been working at urban for about a month and it’s really not too bad. i was worried i was going to hate retail but it could be much worse. the thing that sucks the most is that by the time i get home my feet hurt so bad that i can barely walk. but that’s to be expected with pretty much any part-time job i guess. the people that work there are great and i’ve made a few friends. the managers don’t really feel like bosses, more like peers that have a bit more control (i don’t even know if that makes sense…) but it’s nice to not be terrified whenever the manager comes by. at my previous jobs whenever i saw my boss my heart rate would quicken and i would get really nervous. but there’s it’s pretty chill. and i just got my discount card which means 40% off yay!

it’s definitely fall now. the days are so nice, it’s like 75 degrees every day and it gets down to the 60s at night. there hasn’t been much rain lately which has also been great. i’ve been walking home from class because it’s just so lovely. i love walking through the park. i can’t wait to watch the leaves turn and start to fall. 

our new roommate, amy, has a cat named bentley and he is so adorable. he’s really skiddish but once he warms up to you he’s really sweet. he only has one problem. he’s about a year old, so still just a kitten, and he has SO MUCH ENERGY. he will run back and forth from amy’s room to my room over and over again. the other day i was watching tv and i just couldn’t take it. i locked him in amy’s room. but then he started meowing and wouldn’t stop. i couldn’t decide which was worse: the running back and forth or the meowing? he just needs to calm the fuck down sometimes.

i guess that’s mostly it. i don’t have class today or tomorrow because of a jewish holiday (thank you jews) so i’m going to go do a workout and go to the store because i have absolutely no food. and umm… yeah. i wish i would update this more but i forget and get lazy. oh well. okay bye.

tonight was great.

i walked to 72nd & bway (also the intersection where i work) to get a manicure/pedicure with my sister. afterwards we walked to a wine bar and got a salad and split a bottle of wine. okay, we split two bottles of wine. and then her friend came to meet us and they went to see batman (i will never ever waste my time watching a batman movie again) so i decided to leave. i thought i could either walk to work and spend some money buying clothes or i could walk home. it was lightly sprinkling and for one of the first times since i’ve been in manhattan, it was chilly. i walked to my intersection and decided to keep on walking. besides, how many more days am i going to be able to take a walk while wearing just a skirt and shirt without being miserable? only a few! i kept walking and walking and found myself in times square. normally, i hate times square. it’s filled with tourists and it’s really not that great. but tonight, it was just what i needed. i kept smiling and walking and again, said to myself how incredibly lucky i was to live in this city. it truly is amazing and i really don’t want to take it for granted. i wanted to just find a bench to sit on and observe the crowd, but seeing as i had to pee really bad i hopped on the 1 back up to my stop and went home. 

all in all, it was another night that made me realize just how lucky i am. i cannot wait for october.

i’ve been working out 5/6 days a week for the past four weeks. i’ve also been trying to eat better. i don’t know how well that’s working. it’s not that i eat poorly because i don’t. i eat mostly fruits and vegetables anyways, but i love dessert. it’s the sweets that i can’t escape from! that and the fact that i tend to overeat. and also being in new york means that i eat at restaurants all the time, which also isn’t good. so i’ve been trying to change that.

anyways, doing all of this has made me feel so much better about myself. i don’t know if i can see any physical changes in my body yet (except for the fact that my legs and arms just feel stronger) but the changes in my mind are so great. after i finish a workout i just feel awesome and it also makes me want to do more with my day. i dunno.

if anyone wants to change their body, i would recommend just starting. all you have to do is start.

i haven’t updated this in forever i mean i actually have stuff to blog about but i’m way too lazy man. i really wanted to keep a “new york diary” or whatever so i could look back and be like aww yeah i remember that!

but i’m too lazy to even type something up. how pathetic.